2018, January
Volocopter’s first passenger flight: VIP Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, takes to the air!
68 MB
H264, Full HD
2017, October
Autonomous flights of a Volocopter in Dubai
190 MB
H264, Full HD
2.8 GB
ProRes 4444
2017, October
User-story Dubai. This is how we imagine the Volocopter to be used in the future. Call a Volocopter by App, get in and enjoy the ride to your destination.
150 MB
H264, Full HD
2017, June
Volocopter AAT - Volocopter as an Autonomous Air Taxi in Dubai
mov, 1920x1080px
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short version
for TV
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long version
for Social Media

2016, March

Volocopter VC200 - first manned flight & interviews

mp4, 1920x1080px
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Shortlist / Transcript EN
Shortlist / Script DE
2015, February
Volocopter VC200 - ground based static rescue test
mp4, 1920x1080px
27 MB
Volocopter VC200 - Falltest
mp4, 1920x1080px
101 MB


Volocopter VC1 - historical first flight

mp4, 1280x720px
34 MB