New technologies require people who launch them throughout the world. The core team of e-volo has set itself precisely this objective. In our team everyone works in an ambitious manner, firm in the belief that they are preparing the way for a pioneering aircraft.

Alexander Zosel

Co-Founder and Managing Director
After studying civil engineering at the University of Karlsruhe he was among other things the Vice President of Innovation at the Swiss corporation Biometry.Com AG. He is now applying his profound expertise as a successful serial entrepreneur on behalf of the Volocopter.
He conceived the VC200 and developed its design. As a paraglider and gyrocopter pilot he lives out his passion for flying that constantly motivates him to consider new developments.

Stephan Wolf

Co-Founder and Managing Director
As a software developer specializing in networks he designed the central nervous system of the Volocopter. His idealism in broadening our technical horizons advanced the development of the Volocopter to a key extent. His worked for Siemens over a period of many years in the field of industrial automation and multiple awards as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional just represent a few milestones in his career.

Florian Reuter

Managing Director, Strategy & Finance
The industrial engineering graduate was responsible as a venture manager in the central research division at Siemens AG Munich for the establishment of technology start-ups. This expertise and his international experience provide him with the necessary farsightedness to put finances and innovative ideas on the right track.

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